Standing Committee

Substantive Patent Law Treaty

Traité du Droit Matériel des Brevets

Abkommen über das materielle Patentrecht

Q170 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To monitor, study and advise on the development of the Draft Substantive Patent Law Treaty and Regulations under the Substantive Patent Law (SPLT).

    To formulate, and with the approval of the Bureau to submit and represent AIPPI’s standpoint at WIPO Meetings (particularly SCP).

    To prepare Questionnaire(s), analyse the comments of National/Regional Groups and prepare Resolutions if necessary.

  • Documentation:

    Assemble all drafts of and all published comments – also from other NGOs – on SPLT.

  • Reporting:

    o Report in detail draft and all later drafts of SPLT and Regulations to the Bureau.
    o To provide within 1 month a written Report on all Meetings attended.
    o Report on matters of special interest in the field.

  • Chairman: Alain GALLOCHAT (France)
  • Co-Chairman: Michel SOFIA (Canada)
  • Secretary: Martín BENSADON (Argentina)
  • Member: Takashi FUJITA (Japan)
  • Member: Michael K. KIRK (United States of America)
  • Member: David TADGELL (Australia)
  • Member: Jean-Bruno THéVENET (France)
  • Member: Nicolaas J. VERMAAK (South Africa)
  • Member: Luciano Bosotti (Italy)
  • Member: Anthony Rollins (UK)
  • Assistant Reporter General: Nicolai LINDGREEN