Standing Committee

Standards and Patents

Normes et Brevets

Standards und Patente

  • Scope of Work:

    To monitor, comment and advise AIPPI on policy, regulatory and legal frameworks relating to standards and patents, including:
    – Developments in various standard setting organizations
    – Developments in case law and regulations in various jurisdictions;
    – Antitrust law developments in various jurisdictions.

    To advise the Bureau of:
    – developments in the Field meriting an AIPPI position, including any further study or analysis necessary or desirable to determine an AIPPI position;
    – possible avenues for cooperation with other NGOs in the Field.
    To identify, select and provide to the Bureau key documentation relevant to the Field1.

    To serve as a resource for AIPPI when positions relevant to the Field are conveyed by AIPPI, including, in the absence of an existing AIPPI position, to formulate a position with the approval of, or upon request by the Bureau.

    With the approval of, or upon request by the Bureau, submit, represent, or instruct other AIPPI representatives, as to AIPPI’s position in the Field in relevant fora, including meetings of WIPO, WTO and other meetings of GOs and NGOs.

  • Documentation:
  • Required coordination with other committees:


  • Chair: Gertjan KUIPERS (Netherlands)
  • Co-Chair: Pauline DEBRé (France)
  • Secretary: Calvin PARK (Republic of Korea)
  • Member: Alma ALVAREZ Y DELUCIO (Mexico)
  • Member: Jesus ARRIBAS GARCIA (Spain)
  • Member: Monica BARONE (United States of America)
  • Member: John BRUNNER (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Khristine C. DY (Philippines)
  • Member: Martin FäHNDRICH (Germany)
  • Member: Jeffrey GLUCK (United States of America)
  • Member: Louis-Pierre GRAVELLE (Canada)
  • Member: Clemens-August HEUSCH (Germany)
  • Member: Per JOSEFSON (Sweden)
  • Member: Michela MAGGI (Italy)
  • Member: Márcio MERKL (Brazil)
  • Member: Andrea MITTLER (Italy)
  • Member: Kiyoko NAKAOKA (Japan)
  • Member: Elisabeth OPIE (Australia)
  • Member: P.l. REESKAMP (Netherlands)
  • Member: Ignacio SANCHEZ ECHAGüE (Argentina)
  • Member: Christopher M. SCHERER (United States of America)
  • Member: Ekrem SOYLU (Turkey)
  • Member: Svetlana STADLER (Israel)
  • Member: Hawthorne SUH (Republic of Korea)
  • Member: Masatsugu SUZUKI (Japan)
  • Member: Peter TRELOAR (Australia)
  • Member: Stephane TRONCHON (France)
  • Member: Taliah WALKLETT (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Maohua WANG (China)
  • Member: Johanna WRIGHT (Sweden)
  • Deputy Reporter General: Jonathan P. OSHA