Standing Committee

IP Office Practice & Procedures

Pratique et procédures des Offices PI

Praxis und Verfahren von IP-Ämtern

Status: Active
  • Scope of Work:

    To monitor, comment and advise AIPPI on policy and procedural developments relating to IP Office Practice & Procedures including:

    • IP office procedures and guidelines for examination and registration of IP rights
    • Procedural best practices
    • Quality initiatives and pilot programs
    • Inter-office cooperative programs and procedural harmonization
    • Stakeholder and user feedback

    (the Field).

    To advise the Bureau of:

    • developments in the Field meriting an AIPPI position, including any further study or analysis necessary or desirable to determine an AIPPI position;
    • possible avenues for cooperation with GOs and other NGOs in the Field.

    To identify, select and provide to the Bureau key documentation relevant to the Field[1].

    To serve as a resource for AIPPI when positions relevant to the Field are conveyed by AIPPI, including, in the absence of an existing AIPPI position, to formulate a position if requested by the Bureau.

    To disseminate information relevant to the Field to AIPPI membership and, where appropriate, to solicit input from AIPPI membership.

    At the request of the Bureau, to submit or represent, or instruct other AIPPI representatives, as to AIPPI’s position in international fora, including meetings of WIPO, WTO and other meetings of GOs and NGOs.

    [1] Other than WIPO documents which the Bureau receives directly.

  • Documentation:
  • Chair: Marina CUNNINGHAM (United States of America)
  • Chair: Marieke WESTGEEST (Netherlands)
  • Co-Chair: Gang HU (China)
  • Co-Chair: Néstor COROMINAS MACIAS (Spain)
  • Member: Jacopo DE BENEDETTI (Italy)
  • Member: Xiaoling DUAN (China)
  • Member: Christian DURÁN (Spain)
  • Member: Tamara ELMORE (Netherlands)
  • Member: Alain GALLOCHAT (France)
  • Member: Valeri A. GUERMAN (Russian Federation)
  • Member: Karri LESKINEN (Finland)
  • Member: Aurélia MARIE (France)
  • Member: Andre MEYER (Australia)
  • Member: Marcin OZOG (Poland)
  • Member: Tiago REIS NOBRE (Portugal)
  • Member: Markus RIECK (Germany)
  • Member: Maria Vianey ROMO DE VIVAR GUTIERREZ (Mexico)
  • Member: Saleit SHAHAR (Israel)
  • Member: Kwan-Ho SHIN (Republic of Korea)
  • Member: Shinichi UEDA (Japan)
  • First Deputy Reporter General: Jonathan P. OSHA