Standing Committee

In-house counsel

Conseillers juridique


Q206 Status: Dissolved
  • Main Task:

    - To investigate the current situation and specific issues with regard to in-house counsel in IP in different jurisdictions

    – To identify problems and shortcomings

    – To consider the findings in relation to other legal fields

    – To connect with other in-house counsel outside AIPPI

    – To make proposals for the future work of the committee (rating of issues according to their practical relevance)

    – To prepare Resolutions and to report regularly to the Bureau and to the ExCo at least once a year on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of AIPPI

    – To monitor developments of the situation and update

  • Advise Bureau:

    Advise Bureau in writing on all activities of the Committee

  • Reporting:

    - To provide within 1 month a written Report on all Meetings attended.
    – Report on matters of special interest in the field.

  • Special Instructions:

    Except as otherwise agreed all reports and documentation
    are to be submitted by e-mail, to the:

    General Secretariat
    Tödistrasse 16
    CH-8027 Zurich
    Tel. (41-44) 280 58 80
    FAX (41-44) 280 58 85

  • Chair: Marieke VAN GENT (Netherlands)
  • Co-Chair: Fred BARBIERI (Canada)
  • Member: Hans-Michael KOMPTER (Germany)
  • Member: Francesco MACCHETTA (Italy)
  • Member: Connie MERLINO (Australia)
  • Member: Calum SMYTH (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Ekrem SOYLU (Turkey)
  • Member: Richard VARY (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Bo Johansson, Sen. (SE)
  • Member: Irma Muillo de Gago (PA)
  • Member: Donatella Fiala (CH)
  • Member: Shigemi Iwasaki (JP)
  • Deputy Reporter General: Sarah MATHESON