Standing Committee

Implementing Regulations for the amended EPC

Règlement d'execution pour la modification du CBE

Ausführungsordnung für das revidierte EPÜ

Q176 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    Prepare observations on behalf of AIPPI to the Draft Implementing Regulations under the EPC 2000

  • Advise Bureau:

    Opinion on the Implementing Regulations

  • Documentation:

    Draft of the Implementing Regulations

  • Special Instructions:

    Continues the work of Special Committee Q161, “Revision of the European Patent Convention”

  • Chairman: Jochen EHLERS (Germany)
  • Co-Chairman: Ivan T. HJERTMAN (Sweden)
  • Secretary: Geoffrey BAYLISS (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Axel CASALONGA (France)
  • Member: Michael Meller (USA)
  • Member: Marcelino Curell Aquilá (Spain)