Standing Committee

Content and relevance of industrial applicability and/or utility as requirements for patentability

Le contenu et la pertinence des critères de l'application industrielle et/ou de l'utilité comme conditions de brevetabilité

Inhalt und Bedeutung der gewerblichen Anwendbarkeit und/oder Nützlichkeit ("utility") als Patentierungsvoraussetzungen

Q180 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    To prepare a Questionnaire based on the Resolution adopted in Geneva and the discussions in Berlin to be distributed among the NRG in order to propose the adoption of a further Resolution to the Gothenburg Congress.

  • Advise Bureau:

    To advise the Bureau on further steps to be taken in consideration of the definition of patentability criteria.

  • Documentation:

    To collect and to provide the Bureau with all documents of general interest on the subject.

  • Reporting:

    Reports and documents (Questionnaire, Resolution) depending on progress made in the process, at least every two months.

  • Chairman: Isabelle ROMET (France)
  • Secretary: Gunnar BAUMGäRTEL (Germany)
  • Member: Rob AERTS (Netherlands)
  • Member: Eiichiro KUBOTA (Japan)
  • Member: Ross MCFARLANE (Australia)
  • Member: Jan VLECK (United Kingdom)
  • Co-Chairman: Alex Macklin (Canada)
  • Member: Gao Lulin (China)
  • Member: Rich
  • Deputy Reporter General: Jochen BüHLING