Standing Committee

Biotechnology (Sub-Committee of Pharma and Biotechnology)



  • Scope of Work:

    To monitor, comment and advise AIPPI on policy,
    regulatory and legal frameworks relating to intellectual property protection for:

    •        pharmaceutical products and processes;

    •        diagnostic products;

    •        medical devices; and

    •        biotechnology  (including plant varieties) and biological products , including:

    •        policy initiatives, and proposed regulatory and legislative changes at national and regional levels;

    •        legislation, and regulatory and judicial decisions at national and regional levels; and

    •        the scope of protection under international instruments, eg TRIPs, the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) Convention and the European Patent Convention, but excluding:

    •        the scope of work of the Standing Committee on IP and genetic resources / traditional knowledge; and

    •        medical devices, other than to the extent this committee may be able to provide expert input should that subject matter be considered within the scope of work of the Standing Committee on Patents,

    (the Field).

    To advise the Bureau of:

    •    developments in the Field meriting an AIPPI position, including any further study or analysis necessary or desirable to determine an AIPPI position;

    •    possible avenues for cooperation with other NGOs in the Field.

    To identify, select and provide to the Bureau key documentation relevant to the Field, including documentation of InterPat and other NGOs in the Field, and documentation of UPOV, and national and regional Patent Offices.

    To serve as a resource for AIPPI when positions relevant to the Field are conveyed by AIPPI including, in the absence of an existing AIPPI position, to formulate a position, if requested by the Bureau.

    At the request of the Bureau, submit or represent, or instruct other AIPPI representatives, as to AIPPI’s position in international fora, including meetings of WIPO, WTO and other meetings of GOs and NGOs.

    To co-ordinate with other AIPPI committees as specified below.

  • Documentation:
  • Required coordination with other committees:

    Standing Committee on Patents (for matters relevant to the Field or where the Field may be relevant to the work of the Standing Committee on Patents)

    Standing Committee on Trademarks (for matters relevant to the Field)

  • Chair: Jürgen MEIER (Germany)
  • Co-Chair: Thomas BOUVET (France)
  • Secretary: Peter LUDWIG (United States of America)
  • Member: Claire BALDOCK (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Andrew BLATTMAN (Australia)
  • Member: Jeroen BOELENS (Netherlands)
  • Member: Graeme BOOCOCK (Canada)
  • Member: Olga CAPASSO (Italy)
  • Member: Michael CHRISTIE (Australia)
  • Member: Gabriel DI BLASI JR. (Brazil)
  • Member: Takashi FUJITA (Japan)
  • Member: Gesheng HUANG (China)
  • Member: Israel JIMENEZ HERNANDEZ (Mexico)
  • Member: Edgar KRIEGER (Germany)
  • Member: Maria Carmela T. MARANAN (Philippines)
  • Member: Niklas MATTSSON (Sweden)
  • Member: Andrés RINCóN USCATEGUI (Colombia)
  • Member: Yoon S. SHIN (Republic of Korea)
  • Member: Min SON (Republic of Korea)
  • Member: Hariharan SUBRAMANIAM (India)
  • Member: Mei-Hsin WANG (Independent members)
  • Assistant Reporter General: Ralph NACK