Bureau Advisory Committee

AIPPI Promotion and Development

Promotion et développement de l'AIPPI

AIPPI Förderung und Entwicklung

Q131 Status: Dissolved
  • Main Task:

    To support the formation of new Groups, especially in developing countries, by identifying the needs of the Group Members.

    Aiding and supporting new Groups, seeking to establish “partnership” or other cooperation relations to well established Groups.

    To support and guide their efforts in promoting AIPPI and organising AIPPI activities.

    To establish standard Statutes for National Groups.

    Seeking to obtain an annual status report on statistics and activities from each National and Regional Group. A report on their efforts to promote AIPPI within their countries must be included.

    To liaise with Q 113 in matters of national legislation coming to its attention and with Q 141 concerning the organisation of international symposia.

  • Reporting:

    To provide 2 months before each International AIPPI Meeting and 1 month before each Bureau Meeting an account of activities since the last such Meeting (incl. negative Report).

    Each Committee Meeting should be followed by a written Report (Minutes of the Meeting) to the Secretary General.

  • Special Instructions:

    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.

  • Chairman: Jan E. HELGERUD (Norway)
  • Bureau Links: Vincenzo M. PEDRAZZINI (Switzerland)
  • Co-Chairman: George J. PRIMAK (Canada)
  • Secretary: Geoffrey BAYLISS (United Kingdom)
  • Member: Jacques ARMENGAUD (France)
  • Bureau Links: J. Michael Dowling (Australia)