Standing Committee

Agreement on a European Patent Court

Accord sur une Cour européenne des brevets

Übereinkommen über ein einheitliches Europäisches Patentgericht

Q165 Status: Dissolved Meeting:
  • Main Task:

    Enable AIPPI to take a detailed position vis-à-vis the (draft) Optional Protocol (EPLP).

  • Advise Bureau:

    Advise Bureau in writing on all activities of your Committee.

  • Documentation:

    Assemble all drafts of and all published comments on EPLP.

  • Reporting:

    Report in detail on first draft and all later drafts of EPLP to Bureau.

  • Special Instructions:

    Represent AIPPI, in consultation with Bureau, at conferences, Symposia, Meetings etc. of EPO and other GO’s as well of NGO’s dealing with EPLP.

    Except as otherwise agreed all Reports, Minutes and other documentation are to be submitted to the General Secretariat.

  • Chair: Jochen PAGENBERG (Germany)
  • Secretary: Alan JOHNSON (United Kingdom)
  • Co-Chair: P.C. SCHALKWIJK (Netherlands)
  • Member: Konrad BECKER (Switzerland)
  • Member: Raúl BERCOVITZ (Spain)
  • Member: Raimondo GALLI (Italy)
  • Member: Peter-Ulrik PLESNER (Denmark)
  • Member: Thierry SUEUR (France)
  • Assistant to the Reporter General: Sara ULFSDOTTER